Packaging Your Firearm for Shipment to a Service Center
One of our major customer complaints is from damages incurred to a firearm during shipping. Damages can be eliminated or minimized if the customer ensures that their firearm is properly packaged prior to shipping. The images below are from a firearm recently received at a service center.
Firearm Image
This firearm was received in its original carrying case. There is no packaging inside the case, which allows the gun to move around inside the case during transit. Parcels in transit from shipping companies often incur significant shock and movement. This shock is transferred inside the case, which causes the firearm to shift and move within the carrying case cavities. Consequently, with the potential for movement inside the case, damage to the firearm and case can easily occur.
Due to the firearm not being securely packaged, the following damages were incurred when the firearm was received at the service center:
Forend Damage The forend on this firearm is now marred. Cost to replace the forend typically costs around $250.
Stock Damage The right side of the stock (gloss finish) is now badly scratched. Cost to replace this stock is approximately $500.
Case Damage To add insult to injury, in addition to the wood damage above, the case is now cracked. Cost to replace this case is approximately $120.
The customer has now incurred approximately $870 worth of damages to their firearm because it was not packaged properly prior to shipping to a service center. Beretta is not responsible for loss or damages to firearms incurred when shipping the firearm to a service center for repair. It was also noted during the receiving inspection process that there was no exterior damage to the case, therefore the shipper will typically not accept liability for damages.
How Do I Protect My Firearm During Shipping?

First remember that your carrying case is not designed to be a shipping container. If you decide to use your carrying case to ship your firearm, and many people do, it is imperative that you completely wrap your firearm in a suitable packing material prior to placing it inside the case. Good choices for wrapping your firearm include micro foam or bubble wrap. Newspaper is not a good packing material. Completely wrapping your firearm will prevent marring and scratching of the finish inside the hard plastic case during shipping.

Second, insert plenty of packing material inside the cavities of the packing case holding your firearm. The intent is to prevent the firearm from moving around during shipping and to minimize shock. When you are finished wrapping and packing your firearm, you should have trouble closing the case (this is how much packing material you want to put inside the case) and when you pick up your case and shake it with your firearm inside, you should not hear anything moving around inside the case.

Once you have packaged your firearm, please ensure that the outer box does not bear any hazardous material markings (ORM-D).

If you are reusing an old ammunition shipping box or other container that was originally used to ship any hazardous materials, please ensure that these marking are obliterated and not visible, otherwise, the shipper will consider the shipment to contain hazardous materials.

If you follow these steps above, we will not receive an unpleasant surprise when we open your case upon receipt.

When we return your firearm to you, we package the firearm in the same manner as described above so that you won't have any unpleasant surprises when you open the case on your end. Your firearm will arrive repaired per your instructions and in as good of condition as you shipped it to us.

In closing, you made a significant investment when you purchased your firearm from Beretta. Keep it looking like new, even when you ship it, by following the simple precautions above.